Bridal Beauty

Let us customize a bridal makeup package just for you & your bridal party!IMG_4057

When do I need to schedule my makeup artist for my wedding?

3-6 months pre-wedding – Meet with Your MUA for a consultation

You will be preparing for engagement photos &/or Bridal photos around this time so it’s a perfect opportunity to schedule a consultation & trial run.

This is an opportunity to discuss all options with the artist and try out different looks to ensure you will be happy with your final look!

Also, you need to schedule & book your wedding day session in plenty of notice (2-3 months advance) to reserve your spot!

What is the purpose of the consultation?

The first step for wedding makeup is the Bridal Consultation- which will give me the chance to get to know you, your personality, and your face. This will allow us to tailor the products to your wants/needs.

Then we will customize your Wedding day look as well as your bridesmaids, and wedding party’s looks based on the details of your Wedding. We will try different looks until you feel fabulous. Once we’ve created the perfect look, we will document the steps so we can produce the same result on your big day!

Lastly we will discuss the Wedding Day Makeup schedule so your day goes as flawless as your Make Up!

Can I get a facial before I get my makeup done?

If you are going to get a facial before the big day, we recommend you doing it a week before the event. Normally when doing a facial, the face is being deeply cleaned, which draws up deep hidden dirt and bacteria, and could lead to break outs. You want to avoid doing anything new or drastic to your skin right before your wedding day, just incase you happen to have a bad reaction to any products used. There are a variety of different facials, so please consult a license esthetician before scheduling it.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a makeup look that is right for you:

1. What time is your event?

If your events is:
-Morning: Softer look, natural, light eyeshadows
-Afternoon: Slightly natural, medium makeup application
-Evening: You are able to do a slightly dramatic look due to the lighting.

2. Do you want to do lashes?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY. It can turn any ordinary occasion to a extraordinary one.

It’s “icing” on the cake. It just makes it that much more dramatic and dazzling. Now bat those eyes and smile for the camera!!

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