Summer Beauty Series- Bronzed Goddess

The Summer Beauty Series has begun! Follow my blog for updated additions to this series!

Become a bronzed goddess with these bronzer tips!

Here’s some of my favorite bronzer products. Be careful when using ones with shimmer, you may need to apply more light-handed with these as they build up quickly. I normally opt for a matte bronzer, and sometimes brush the shimmery atop for a pop of sparkle. Cream bronzers are beautiful for a bare-faced, natural pool-side look.

Note: NARS bronzer dupe= Elf

The brushes I typically use:

The smaller pointed one I use first to draw a defined line of bronzer, then go back in and blend it out with the fuller, fluffy kabuki brush. If contouring, the smaller brush comes in handy for drawing down the sides of the nose, and along the chin.

c121b-realtechniquescontourbrushreview images

Here’s a chart to show you the correct areas to shade:

I normally shade the top and temples of my forehead, then move on to the areas under my cheekbones up to my ear. Next I shade my chin lightly, and along my jawline, and blend down both sides of my neck to ensure even coloring.

57e87fe9d078c5d6b8d2ffebfe0caa48 993f13056d1d2e91de446527a734e412Be sure to check your work in daylight, to ensure even coverage.

Until next time…Stay bronzed pretties!

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