The Power of Meditation

“Meditation”… This word tends to carry a controversial stigma, however I look at meditation as an alternative way of improving my mental and physical health as well as my spiritual well-being. I’m going to take you on a journey that explores the mind and consciousness.20140724-102200-37320868.jpg

There are many ways of emptying your mind, and as my blog progresses I will begin to reveal the many ways I practice this. The power you possess within your mind can help promote personal growth. Often people reach outside into the materialistic world for a way to escape the mind, however it is quite the opposite. The world will only disappoint and leave you feeling empty inside, so you should aim to explore your inner being- your mind & your soul. Attached to that is your beliefs, religion, etc.. (which I prefer to stray away from specific conversations pertaining to religion b/c I aim to respect everyone’s beliefs & quite frankly that is a touchy subject that is separate from what I would like to bring to light- I view spirituality as a very intimate area which should be approached very carefully so we will stick to the basics of your being- your body, mind, soul)… (Click “More” below to read full post)

Strengthening your mind can benefit you for the rest of your life. Once you realize that your mind can be your most powerful tool in life, you begin to change your overall perspective on life and start to realize just how powerful that can be.

I could go on & on about how this works- which I will continue to expand upon this idea as my blog progresses. (I just don’t want to overload my readers in one post!)


The first way I began practicing meditation (without even realizing it) was through exercise.

indexI have always loved taking spontaneous runs, which allow me to release any frustrations that I’m keeping bottled up inside. Something about it is so therapeutic & freeing, and I always feel a weight lifted off my shoulders after I sweat it out- literally. There’s something special and intimate about being alone in nature with just your mind and body, as you release your thoughts. I have always admired and sensed a strong connection with nature, which ignites my spirituality.images5 This is so healing for me, so I make sure that I continue to prioritize time to make exercise a part of my lifestyle. Therefore, exercise fulfills both- my mental and physical needs. It’s a win-win!

So why is exercise so hard for most people???.. b/c it requires you to exercise control over your mind, in order to convince yourself to go work out! You see why I believe you need to always practice this balance?- it helps you stay on the fast-track to a healthy well-being! As you find ways to do this, you will begin to master both your mental & physical being.

Throughout my studies in healthcare and psychology, and furthermore exploring the mind-body connection, I have fallen in fascination over the connection between the body & the mind. It is absolutely amazing what they are capable of doing and especially how they affect one another. This is why I have drawn the conclusion that you have to learn how to control and achieve a balance in both areas- your physical & mental health.

I hope to provide some helpful insights on how this all works & how you can work toward achieving this balance. Stay tuned for my next post!

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