Welcome to the Blog of a Goddess!




Being both beautiful & good.

Ideal physical and moral beauty.

Coming from two words-

Kalos: meaning beautiful(outward) & noble(inward) Agthos: meaning noble, courageous, worthy of admiration

I think it’s extremely important to know a little about me before you start religiously following my blog… cause I’m hopeful that this will serve as one of my many platforms to reach all of you pretty people out there!

I’m calling all ages, all nationalities, and all personalities… in order to serve one purpose= Female Fellowship in order to encourage personal growth & increased appreciation of all things beautiful in life. Yes I know that sounds a bit far-out, however it is simple, just think right now you are reading this blog at the same time as another woman, who is probably very different from yourself however you are both drawn to it for one reason- the subject of BEAUTY! Beauty can bring you enjoyment, meaning, & passion in life.

Beauty has served me in numerous ways throughout my life thus far, and there’s too many to mention but bottom line: IT IS IMPORTANT IN MY LIFE!

Why? you ask.. It gives me a reason to find happiness in life. Beauty fascinates me like a child is fascinated with candy. Something about the exploration and evolving of all matters of beauty captivates my soul. I have always been this way. Any time I look at something “beautiful” it is considered beautiful to me because of its flaws, its realness, its mystery, its vibrancy… there is something very deep beneath the surface of what we identify as  “beautiful”.

A lot of original philosophers believed that people were born with certain characteristics, rather than simply learning them. For example, an athlete may have been thought of as a naturally gifted being with super powers which were given to them at birth, rather than them actually learning the skills. I have to say that I somewhat agree with this view, however I relate more to modern-day ideas that believe it is a combination of both inborn characteristics and learning.

Why am I telling you this? Because I grew up with an immediate and natural love for beauty. It began at a very early age, when I would often get caught digging in my mom’s Mary Kay inventory. As a small child, I even got caught sneaking my mom’s makeup bag into sunday school at church & giving everyone makeovers! This was definitely my calling!!

As I grew into a teenager, I would arrange a “makeup swap” with my friends and cousins where we could bargain and trade makeup with one another. My mother always worked in the cosmetic industry as I was growing up, so I was exposed to these products constantly. She eventually went to work as an artist at MAC Cosmetics, where I completely fell in love with the art of makeup. I would often hang out at the counter playing with colors and textures, and learning all about the different products. From then on I was an addict! As I began to experiment on myself with different colors and techniques, I started to mold my craft. I would always get asked to do makeup for all of my friends and family. I remember for a dance in high school, my friends requested that I do everyone’s makeup which seemed simple but I ended up running out of time and not being ready myself when it was time to go! Little did I know that this would be a recurring theme in my life!


I was born into an American & Greek family, therefore I am Greek-American. As you will see, I am very proud and connected to the roots of my Greek ancestry. I relate to many aspects of the Greek culture, including my love for philosophy, psychology, sports/athletics, and beauty. My yiayia always had the most beautiful and flawless skin, and was so graceful, elegant, and classy. I have always aspired to be a woman of beauty, grace, elegance, and class. My heritage inspires me in my work. This is why my blog is named “Blog of a Goddess” – I am a Greek Goddess!

Since high school, I have dedicated years and years to earning my college degree. In May 2015 I will have accomplished this very important goal of obtaining my degree. My whole life I have had to prioritize school over all other interests of mine, and I will finally be released into the world to conquer all that I have dreamt of. Most people lack that type of drive, that is why you have to always push yourself to the next level- always challenging yourself because that brings GROWTH my friend!

As I write this blog I hope that I can help provide some wisdom and spark a fire within you to challenge yourself to keep reaching- for your passion in life!

I officially began freelancing as a MUA in 2013, and have since built my own mobile makeup artistry business in the one-of-a-kind city of Austin, TX. PrettyInATX is the name of my business, and I travel on-location to provide personal artistry & styling. I aspire to eventually launch my own makeup line, along with a medical spa-which is what my degree is helping me with. I hold a strong passion for health, beauty, wellness, and fitness. I believe in the life-long commitment of always aiming to better my well-being & happiness in life. No one can stop me or you from being truly happy- if you want it bad enough you will do what it takes! I hope to help you as you follow my journey of personal growth.



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